Compassionate Care in a Feline-Friendly Environment

At Albuquerque Cat Clinic, we believe that the bond between cats and their caretakers is extremely special. We also believe that protecting and preserving our feline patients’ health, both physical and mental, is essential to the continuance of this bond.

We strive to continually exceed our clients’ expectations in the care and treatment of their feline companions. We recognize that visits to the veterinarian can be stressful for both cat and owner. We work diligently to provide a quiet, relaxing environment and excellent customer service in order to create an experience that is as pleasant as possible.

Adopt Me Today!

Cats Around Town (CAT) is an off-site adoption program created by Animal Humane New Mexico, in partnership with local businesses, to help re-home adult cats outside the typical shelter environment. Albuquerque Cat Clinic provides a space for an adult cat in an effort to more quickly help him or her find a forever home, while minimizing the stress encountered during a long stay at the shelter. If you are interested in adopting an adult cat, please check here frequently. You can also visit for more information and to see the cats available in other businesses participating in the CAT program.